Roadmaps to customer excellence: e-Commerce innovation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce

Business leaders are accustomed to hearing about the essential role that e-commerce plays for modern enterprises, large and small. But e-commerce can easily be a buzzword, rather than a well-thought-out strategy.

Globally, e-commerce transactions are poised to reach $4.5 trillion in volume in 2022, according to the latest data from Gartner. In the US, this will mark the first year in which e-commerce sales reach over $1 trillion.

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Making sense of the e-commerce revolution 

The potential challenges and opportunities of e-commerce investment can be daunting. Companies starting on an e-commerce journey need to be able to gain customer insight and have access to real-time AI, intelligent search, and discovery, connected e-commerce, and omnichannel options.  And, where e-commerce solutions are already in place, many companies are poorly prepared to leverage their technical capabilities to the fullest.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce offers customers well-structured plans and technical support that can deliver the desired e-commerce success. The Dynamics 365 Commerce platform supports loyalty programs, advanced warehouse management, and real-time order tracking,  inventory tracking and replenishment. Yet despite the capabilities, many companies do not leverage the full suite of capabilities.

In my experience, many organizations have disconnected systems that have evolved in isolation, with some only loosely connected - such as separate POS, finance, and warehousing systems. This erodes customer satisfaction levels and increases the customer churn propensity.

Ivan Cole
Managing Director, Mazars

The Mazars team applies its extensive experience as a Microsoft partner and the best practices of the Microsoft Catalyst program to aid companies with planning their customers' e-commerce experience. These result in carefully crafted plans, documentation, tailored best practices, and a great e-commerce system.

Mazars is committed to helping our customers put in place emerging technologies that will fuel growth and efficiency for their organizations. Our teams continuously evolve by enabling end-to-end business scenarios in our Mazars US Innovation Center, orchestrating integrated Microsoft cloud business applications.

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E-commerce innovation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce
E-commerce innovation with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce