PunchOut: External Catalogs via cXML protocol a step-by-step guide

What are the benefits of using a PunchOut external catalog via cXML?

Punchout re-ordering gives customers the ability to enforce their buying policies, obtain faster approvals on all orders and integrate catalogs with dozens of preferred suppliers. By using an external catalog, you can ensure that product and price information from external websites are accurately retrieved and up to date. Using Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations (D365FO), customers will be redirected to the external website where a user can add items to a shopping basket. Users can also easily transfer back to D365FO when checking out. After the information has been fetched from D365FO, the requisition can be submitted to workflow and once approved, converted to a purchase order.

The process is based on using the cXML protocol. cXML is a streamlined protocol intended for consistent communication of business documents between procurement applications, e-commerce hubs and suppliers. The cXML script contains information related to identity, domain of the buyer’s company, credentials, and the URL to reach the vendor's catalog.

Below and attached we share the required configurations on how employees can punch out to an external website and collect the product descriptions and pricing to include in the requisition.


  • Vendor is approved in a set of procurement categories (this is used later in the setup to create the external catalog)
  • Procurement policies allow the employee (user/worker/employee records required) to procure within the categories mapped to the external catalog in the setup
  • An external catalog (for setting up the catalog you will need credentials and URL to log into a vendor’s website).
    • Select vendor
    • Map to procurement categories
    • Configure the request message (cXML)

For a full overview, please download the configurations step-by-step guide

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Mazars PunchOut external catalogs via cXML
Mazars PunchOut external catalogs via cXML