Reinventing the wheel: mobility and the next wave of disruption

Mobility and the next wave of disruption, the third series in the Reinventing the wheel campaign, explores how data, analytics, robotics, 5G and other technologies will shift the mobility landscape in the coming decades, and how mobility players should prepare for the changes to come.

To shed light on technological disruption and its impact on the industry, we have shared a series of articles featuring Mazars experts from around the world. Series 3 is below; to read all our Reinventing the wheel articles go here.


Avoid the deluge: mobility and making the most of data

Improving maintenance, delivering standout customer experience and smartly managing the supply chain: data promises to help mobility fly further in 2021 and beyond.

How 5G is shaping a new era for mobility

Fifth generation technology enables mobile devices to process more data at lightning fast speeds. In the short run that means improved functionality and faster mobile downloads, streaming and gaming.

How will data reshape last mile delivery?

The last mile of the delivery process is the most challenging, complicated, and competitive part of getting a package to the doorstep.


The robotic software revolution and mobility

Software robotics are helping companies streamline processes, cut costs, and free up employees to focus on higher value tasks.

Small steps and big leaps: making future transport a reality

Any new mode of transport is naturally met with skepticism: is it safe? is it sustainable? is it useful? As the mobility universe experiments with transport up in the air and on the ground

Virtual Event | Mobility and the next wave of disruption

Join us for our third virtual session in our mobility series ‘Reinventing the wheel’, focusing on how data, analytics, and robotics will shift the mobility landscape in the coming decades.