Affordable Housing

We serve some of the world’s top real estate companies and our offering can give you a strategic advantage.

Our Affordable Housing Services Group has extensive insight into HUD requirements and the unique needs of the affordable housing industry. We possess a truly up-to-date understanding of the latest developments in accounting practices and regulatory requirements affecting your business, ensuring that you are always in compliance with applicable policies.

Our Approach 

We can assist in properly setting up the general ledger and accounting systems to be in compliance with the HUD requirements for financial statement presentation, the electronic filing of HUD reports, the state and local filing requirements for these properties, and we are aware of the time constraints and filing deadlines for these reports.

Our Services  

  • Preparation or Review of Applications for Allocations of 9% Tax Credit in Conformance with each State’s Qualified Allocation Plan
  • Application Pre-scoring to Optimize Likelihood of Obtaining Tax Credits
  • Tax-Exempt Bond Application Preparation
  • Bond Financed Development
  • Transaction Structuring and Financial Projections
  • Analysis of the Propriety of Partnership Allocations According to IRS Code Sections 704 and 752
  • LIHTC Placed-in-Service Cost Certification
  • Audit and Tax Return Services
  • Breakeven Calculations
  • Preparation or review of applications for allocations of 9% tax credit in conformance with each state’s qualified allocation plan

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