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Banking - Crisis

Banking stability has been called into question recently, following the rapid collapse of one of Switzerland’s most emblematic banks and the demise of tech lenders on America’s west coast. Gregory Marchat, Global Head of Financial Services Advisory, and Emmanuel Dooseman, Global Head of Banking and Capital Markets, provide some answers on the consequences for the financial services sector, the economy and for society as a whole.

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The collapse of SVB and other banks serving Silicon Valley has been shocking and swift. Partner Karine Philippon, Mazars, USA, shares what you need to know.

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Banking - Lessons - Blog from Group 2023

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the successive bankruptcies of three banks in the United States, as well as the hasty takeover of Credit Suisse by UBS. Some lessons from 2008 still apply across the board.

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Sustainable finance series - driving credible ESG actions - 2023

Implementing credible environmental, social and governance (#ESG) actions requires successful enablers. Our latest C-Suite Sustainability Barometer highlights that whilst 75% of the businesses surveyed are planning to increase their investment in #sustainability issues, utilizing and prioritizing investments made remains a challenge for the C-Suite.

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Sustainable Finance Series - why it matters 2023

There is growing momentum towards a low-carbon economic system, with financial services firms set to be pivotal in the #sustainability transition and greater pressure for them to demonstrate their sustainable finance activities and credentials. Paul Hamalainen examines what #sustainablefinance is and why it matters to financial services firms in the second article of our four-part series on sustainable finance.

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Working as a single, integrated team, our professionals draw on the depth and breadth of their expertise to provide actionable insights that add value and put your organization in a strong position. Through our collaborative approach and international perspective, we provide advice that helps your company in the financial services industry to comply with regulations, manage risks, and transform your business.

The race to data maturity

While most businesses understand the importance of data, few are truly able to transform it into a competitive advantage. So, what sets successful data-driven companies apart from the rest? The critical ingredient is data maturity. The higher an organization’s level of data maturity, the better they can leverage data to create value and unlock a competitive advantage. 


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