Mazars in the US Recognized as Workhuman Certified

New York, NY – June 23, 2022 – Mazars, a leading audit, tax and advisory firm in the US, announced that it has earned the status of a Workhuman Certified Enterprise. Brian Ash, the firm’s Director of Talent Development, has also earned an individual Workhuman Certification.

The Workhuman Certified Enterprise status distinguishes organizations that are committed to investing in and demonstrating progress towards making work more human, providing an environment where all humans are valued and can do their best work. Truly progressive companies stand out against the competition, appealing to and retaining top talent.

“We're thrilled to become a Workhuman Certified Enterprise,” said Keri Fleming, Mazars’ Chief People Officer. “Externally, it shows job candidates that we are a company with a great culture and a human-centric approach to work. It also clearly demonstrates to current and prospective clients why they should be proud to do business with us. Internally, it gives employees pride in our organization. Being a Workhuman Certified Enterprise validates our efforts to be a more empathetic, compassionate, responsive workplace and provides a framework to help us continue to advance this commitment.”

With a database of more than 100 million points of human connections in the workplace, Workhuman has identified key workforce shifts and the eight fundamental tenets now essential for a human work experience. Mazars had to show that it met or is making significant progress towards all eight tenets in order to become Workhuman Certified. The eight tenets are:

  • Purpose-driven work: Employees understand their impact and feel a direct connection between their jobs and company values.
  • Appreciation: A percentage of payroll is allocated by the employer to ensure all employees regularly experience meaningful recognition moments.
  • Work-life harmony: The full humanity of every employee is acknowledged and celebrated.
  • A culture of belonging: Employees are valued as their authentic selves at work, with mental health/well-being and flexibility initiatives prioritized.
  • Opportunities for growth: Employees at all levels have opportunities to learn and develop, with feedback and guidance that helps map their future inside (or outside) the organization.
  • Fair pay: Employees have confidence that decisions affecting pay are unbiased and fair.
  • Safe: Employees feel a sense of inclusion and safety when it comes to learning, contributing and challenging the status quo. They have control over their personal information and feel secure that their data is protected.
  • Environmental and social stewardship: Employees feel pride in how the organization cares for society and the environment.

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